The English language is the language of the modern global era, with over fifty countries in the world acknowledging it as the official language and four hundred million people counting it as their first language, it is truly a global phenomenon. More so, in terms of the education industry, many of the top schools, colleges and universities are found in English speaking countries. It is becoming more and more important for young ambition people to not only be competent in English, but to excel.

Our team of educational consultants are all native English speakers and were educated in either Britain or the United States, they specialise in teaching English to those who consider it a first language and those that count it as a second with desire to improve. Our focus is mainly academic, therefore our students work towards outstanding 7+,11+, 13+, IGCSE, A level or IB results in the subject, and our English programmes involve plenty of rigour in comprehension, composition and analysis.


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