The successful study of Mathematics is incredibly influential in other areas of study as well as beyond education. Mathematics is a subject which permeates every part of our lives; Engineering, Architecture, Science and even Art, all depend of disciplines and rules found within Mathematics. Moreover, like Art, it is a subject which has the power to cross national and continental boarders, a truly global phenomenon.

At Bonas Macfarlane Middle East, we understand the importance of teaching Mathematics well, from the age of seven, our students already have a deep appreciation of fractions, arithmetic, shapes and other theories integral to the foundations of the subject. It is crucial to develop a clear and defined knowledge early on, as our more advanced older students will testify, since many of these concepts are carried forward through the various curriculums, right up to A-level and IB Mathematics. The confidence and knowledge that can be gained through correct and thorough teaching, has the power to propel all students of apparently varied ability to success within the subject.


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