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Bonas MacFarlane is the primary provider of specialist education consulting and tuition. Founded in 1992 by Charles Bonas, today Bonas MacFarlane is one of London’s most longstanding and revered private education consultancy firms. With this wealth of experience, Bonas MacFarlane Middle East established itself in Dubai in 2011. Since our inception Bonas MacFarlane Middle East has supported hundreds of students on their educational journeys and enabled them to realise their academic aspirations through the delivery of quality education. 

The personal approach of Bonas MacFarlane and our particular philosophy takes our service above and beyond that of our competitors. We aim to help children succeed by providing a learning environment that is effective, inspiring and suited to their individual needs. Our priority is to instil children with the confidence to become independent learners. Many of the services we offer today, we pioneered and we have been leading the way ever since. Our consultants and tutors both in the UK and UAE have gained a reputation with discerning families for helping their children succeed at the leading schools and universities in Britain and the USA. Our approach is broad ranging, highly individual and discreet. We work with children in their family environments and also work closely with many schools. 


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Please call us to discuss your family's tutoring requirements and to book a tutor. If you would prefer to make an online enquiry, please use our client enquiry form.

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