For most families, we begin with an academic assessment of the child. This is how we can identify the gaps and determine the right educational path forward. The Bonas MacFarlane Broad-Spectrum Assessment is the result of years of experience. We constantly adapt and update it to take account of developments in educational psychology.

It includes English and Maths tests and Verbal and Non Verbal reasoning. We have the experience to be able to gauge a child in relation to the level of similar aged children who attend the most selective London independent schools.

After the assessment of a child, we have a strong understanding of his or her ability across a spectrum of numerical and literary capabilities. We are able to build up a finely detailed picture of the child’s strengths and weaknesses. This is particulalry helpful for our tutors, who can direct the focus of a child’s learning to play to their strengths and tackle their weaknesses.

We also interview children to assess what type of school is most likely to lead to them growing in confidence as happy, independent learners who will benefit from the culture and facilities of a school, and which vary so much from school to school.