Children at boarding school who live overseas must have a guardian in the United Kingdom. Bonas MacFarlane guardian families are kind, professional people with experience of independent education. In addition to having a child stay at their home, they visit the school for music concerts or sports matches, and keep in regular contact with parents.

Children can remain with the same guardian family throughout their time in Britain; enduring relationships grow as they progress through their time at school. Indeed, many children come to see their Bonas MacFarlane guardian as their ‘British’ family.

A guardian's role is to ensure that a child is well cared for during exeat weekends or half-term holidays, if they are not planning to return home. The guardian takes all responsibility for travel and safety when the child is outside school. 

The guardian may help with organisation at school and arrange any appointments (e.g. medical appointments or visits to other schools and universities). A guardian family can provide a deserved break from the hectic school routine at weekends, during school closures, or during holidays.


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