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The transition from school to university is challenging. Bonas MacFarlane takes a long-term view: we realise that to become employable, students have to make full use of their time at university – both in term and during holiday periods. Our one-to-one mentorship helps many students to settle at university and prepare for their careers.

Students may be challenged by the academic demands of their courses and they may also need to develop their essay writing and study skills. Bonas MacFarlane tutors support students in all these areas.

Our career mentors, who work in all the main professions and industries, provide one-to-one mentorship and assist with work experience.

We also work with specialist recruiters and large HR departments to help graduates get a secure footing on the career ladder. Our network includes many smaller companies who respect our recommendation of the students we mentor.

Typically, we will introduce students to our Career Mentorship programmes from the age of sixteen upwards. The Career Mentor will work with the student right through to the end of university and sometimes beyond.

We recommend that students attend one of our tailor-made career mentorship courses addressing basic skills in networking, CV and cover-letter writing, and providing an overview of a range of careers and employment opportunities. 


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