• Prep School Age | 7-13

    Prep School Age | 7-13

    Private schools today frequently set entrance exams at many points of entry. Whether your child is heading for a competitive entrance to a day preparatory school at 7+/8+, or gearing up for entrance to a leading public school at 11+/13+, Bonas MacFarlane tutors are on hand to meet your child’s needs. Entrance exams covered include: 7/8+ entrance for...

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  • Senior School Age | 13-18

    Senior School Age | 13-18

    Bonas MacFarlane tutors and consultants have helped hundreds of students gain admission to top UK sixth forms and many of the highest ranked universities in Britain and the USA. 

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  • University & Adult Tuition

    University & Adult Tuition

    The transition to university from school is demanding. Many students are now tutored and mentored throughout their undergraduate courses and prepared for GMAT tests and post-graduate admissions, including MBAs. Others have tuition when struggling with a particular component of their course or realise that certain skills need enhancement.

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  • Hourly Tuition

    Hourly Tuition

    The hourly tutorial, delivered one-to-one, is one of the most effective ways to improve academic performance. For over twenty years, Bonas MacFarlane tutors have helped students get into to the world’s leading schools and universities. Experienced, engaging, and carefully selected, our tutors teach students using a combination of our well-proven...

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  • Tuition via Skype

    Tuition via Skype

    If your child is based outside Dubai beyond the reach of our experienced tutor pool, Skype tuition can be an excellent way to offer your child tailored one-to-one tuition without the commitment and cost of a residential tutor. 

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  • Residential Tutors

    Residential Tutors

    Residential Tuition outside of term time can provide essential preparation for exams or for entry to UK schools. Tutors can stay with or near families. They typically deliver up to five hours of teaching per day, which can be mixed in with sports, creative activities, and supervision. We also provide full-time residential tutors for families who...

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summer camp
Parents are reverential and pay tribute to the professionalism and care taken. ‘Everyone has been of extremely high quality,’ we were told. ‘They’re especially good at studying techniques and they have people who truly understand individual difficulties. We’re very impressed not only with individual tutors but also with their capacity to work, where necessary, as a team...