Our Tutors

Bonas MacFarlane tutors are selected through a rigorous recruitment procedure. All of our tutors have an excellent academic record of their own, coupled with proven abilities to inspire, educate and communicate. The majority have graduated from Oxbridge or the Russell Group universities. When they are young, they are brilliant and enigmatic. When they are more senior, they are wise and experienced.

The energy that they all exude is derived from a passion for their chosen subjects and age groups whilst being driven by a willingness to pass on the successes they have enjoyed themselves. Many are engaged in post-graduate study or are pursuing exciting endeavours of their own. Our tutors are just as likely to be budding entrepreneurs of the future as they are leading academics in their field. We draw from them huge inspiration as a company and it is something we pride ourselves in passing on to our students. We expect and demand that our tutors are mentors as much as they are teachers.


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Please call us to discuss your family's tutoring requirements and to book a tutor. If you would prefer to make an online enquiry, please use our client enquiry form.

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