Senior School Age | 13-18

Senior School AgeBonas MacFarlane tutors and consultants have helped hundreds of students gain admission to top UK sixth forms and many of the highest ranked universities in Britain and the USA. 

Bonas MacFarlane tutors are all high-achieving graduates, with the vast majority from Oxbridge and Russell Group universities. They are also professional tutors, who are prepared and experienced in the exact specifications of the exam syllabi that their tutees must master. Our tutors’ services include preparation for: psychometric (verbal and non verbal reasoning) tests and interview training for all the specific tests to UK independent and grammar schools; GCSE, Scottish National Qualifications, A Level, Highers, Advanced Highers, Pre U and IB; SAT/ACT; university aptitude tests.

However, tutoring is not just exam preparation. We take a holistic approach to tutoring as a valuable supplementary education to mainstream schooling. A Bonas MacFarlane tutor will aim to promote a lifelong love of learning, by encouraging wider reading and developing specialist academic interests. This may take place away from a desk, in museums and galleries, around the dining table when a tutor joins a family in the summer, or in supportive academic mentoring agreement during which tutors stay in touch with their tutees via Skype and meet with them and their teachers at school. We work closely with hundreds of schools, and tutoring programmes are often requested initially by a child’s school rather than by a parent.

Sixth Form Entrance

Our record speaks for itself. Bonas MacFarlane tutors have helped hundreds of children secure admission to the most competitive independent schools, often at scholarship level. Every year we tutor pupils for sixth form entrance to Westminster, St Paul’s Boys, St Paul’s Girls, Eton, Harrow, Winchester, Charterhouse, Wellington, Sevenoaks, Uppingham, Oundle, Marlborough, Kings Canterbury, St Mary’s Calne, Wycombe Abbey, Cheltenham Ladies College, Bedales, Bryanston, Gordonstoun.

University Applications

UK education is increasingly competitive, requiring strong study skills, exam technique, and mastery of the curricula. We take particular pride in the students who we help succeed with their Oxbridge and Ivy League applications.

Applicants to American universities usually require a mixture of SAT tuition and highly specialised college counselling. Our London office has developed an in-house method of SAT teaching, licensed from one of the most experienced professional SAT tutors in Boston who has developed his techniques over thirty-five years as part of the Princeton Review. We also partner with some of the finest online SAT companies in the States who have mastered the techniques of online tutoring programmes to maximise scores.

As well as tuition, Bonas MacFarlane’s London based consultancy helps many students with university choices and helps many students towards suitable postgraduate courses, including MBAs. We also have a strong network of career consultants.

For many of our students these programmes are delivered through hourly tuition in the family home. For families not close to one of our branches and/or overseas, Skype tuition or residential tuition is often the best solution.


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