Our tutors successfully help prepare students for the wide range of exams and coursework at GCSE and Scottish National level. Their combination of excellent subject knowledge and well-regarded tuition experience enables students to ensure that they have the best chance of achieving top grades.

We provide tutors for all the main GCSE and National Qualification subjects including English, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History, Latin, Classical Civilisation, French, Spanish, German, Geography, Psychology, Music and Art.

  • Our specialised tutors are familiar with all GCSE exam boards including OCR, Edexcel, AQA and with the requirements of the SQA (Scottish Qualifications Authority).
  • When placing a tutor, we ensure that an initial assessment is undertaken to assess the tutee’s academic ability. Based on the results, a tuition program is developed around the pupil’s strengths and weaknesses
  • In a supportive one-to-one environment, our tutors help students develop important time management skills and effective examination technique – both essential components to exam success and successful application to university
  • Many of our tutors are also experienced with tutoring students who have specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, or ADHD
  • One-to-one teaching is the best way to boost confidence during the crucial time before the start of an exam period

For many pupils this programme is delivered through hourly tuition in the family home. Tuition can be introduced at any stage of the GCSE  / Nationals syllabus: from weekly hourly sessions over the two year period to intensive daily revision tutorials immediately prior to exams. 

For many of our students these programmes are delivered through hourly tuition in the family home. For families not close to one of our branches and/or overseas, Skype tuition or residential tuition is often the best solution.


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Please call us to discuss your family's tutoring requirements and to book a tutor. If you would prefer to make an online enquiry, please use our client enquiry form.

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