Many of the top independent schools now offer the full International Baccalaureate programme. This requires students to have a solid foundation in both the Humanities and the Sciences. Our students achieve the top marks across the disciplinary divide in the International Baccalaureate with the help of our experienced team of IB tutors. Our elite IB tutors know how to prepare their student to score points where it matters most, in the final exams.

Whether helping a gifted student secure an Oxbridge place, or preparing a student for entry to a top American university, our tutors support, challenge, and effectively guide students through tailor-made and manageable tuition programmes.

Our full-time tutor placement team is fully aware of the stresses that surround these crucial examination points. University places on the leading courses are highly competitive and it is therefore vital that students know what is required and keep up the pace.  Bonas MacFarlane tutors help students achieve the IB grades needed to get into their chosen university. 

  • When placing a tutor, we ensure that an initial assessment is undertaken to assess the tutee’s academic ability. Based on the results, a tuition programme is developed around the pupils strengths and weaknesses
  • You will be learning from the best: our elite tutors, all of whom scored in the high 40s in their IB exams will help you get your exam strategy in place
  • Get the most out of your revision: our tutors will cover the syllabus core and help you to forge links between topics and past exam questions through a targeted course of tuition
  • Students are taught through a detailed, targeted course of tuition with an emphasis on time-management, revision techniques, and subject prioritisation
  • One-to-one teaching is the best way to boost confidence during the crucial time before the start of an exam period

For many of our students these programmes are delivered through hourly tuition in the family home. For families not close to one of our branches and/or overseas, Skype tuition or residential tuition is often the best solution.


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Please call us to discuss your family's tutoring requirements and to book a tutor. If you would prefer to make an online enquiry, please use our client enquiry form.

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